Basic Courses Tuition Fees :

Tuition Fees: 2 Day Silva Life System (SLS) 350 €, Please read below for offers.
.....................2 Day Silva Intuition Training (SIT) 290 €.

We offer:

40 Euros discount for students (-26 years old) and second and following immediate family
members residing at the same address.

Installed payment (Credit Card or post dated checks, over 3 months max.) are accepted at no extra cost.

fleche CHILDREN SEMINAR: includes Course Manual + Silva Card for Unlimited Repeat Privileges. 195 Euros, (Payment over 2 months max.)

Included in Tuition Fee :

* Course Manual
* Your International Silva Card, for unlimited free access* to re-sit the seminar in any country where the seminar is taught (120 countries worldwide) as many times as you wish !
* minimal participation fee in some instances (20 Euros)

Payment Methods
Payments shall be made by Credit Card, in cash or cheques at time of registration, on or before the seminar start date.

Credit Card payments are accepted online through the Secured PayPal system, before the seminar start date. Acces page opens once you complete the registration form
Please note that credit card payments must be made prior to the seminar start date as we will not be able to process credit cards at the venue.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
If you are not satisfied with the course, having completed the full program, you will be refunded in full.

For Stress Management Silva Seminars, taken in charge for employees, please ask for Professionnal Agreement Form Estimates available on demand. FEDEX, HOFFMAN LAROCHE, L'OREAL have already trusted the
SILVA METHOD, and authorized to cite their names.

Are you moving forward with your GOALS ? Do your employees use INNOVATIVE THINKING ? Can you afford NOT to dicover why 4 million graduates around the world credit the Silva Method for improvements in health, education, relationships, business, sports abilities, and an overall winning attitude toward life ?

Garanteed to help you increase your ability to maintain focus and expand the way you think. All successful people use these two essential elements to achieve their goals.


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