Sugested Books about the Silva Method
Most of the following suggested books can be found in any good bookshop or in many Public Libraries.
The Silva Mind Control Method - Paperback
A Simon and Schuster best seller since 1977, by Jose Silva and Philip Miele. A classic do-it-yourself text for everyone who wants to develop more of the mind and human potential. More than a million copies of this book have been sold worldwide. Whether you are a veteran Silva Method graduate, brand new to the Method, or just thinking about how it might benefit you, it is sure to help you to change your life...for the better.
The Secret Life of Your Cells The Secret Life of Your Cells
Author Robert B. Stone, Ph.D., explores the latest research of Cleve Backster who, by attaching a lie detector to the leaf of a plant, discovered that it had feelings and the ability to read our thoughts. Now this ability - primary perception - has been traced even to disconnected single cells of our own bodies. In this book, Backster and Stone - both frequent speakers as Silva International Conventions - show how the Silva Method provides practical applications of these exciting research findings to help keep us all healthy, happy, and more successful.
Quality paperback.
Written by Robert B. Stone, Ph.D.
You the Healer You The Healer
This book by Jose Silva and Robert B. Stone, Ph.D., guides you step-by-step to learn to apply the Silva Method mental techniques to maintain - and to regain if necessary - perfect health. One of the best written books about the Silva Method, and required reading for everyone who wants to be healthy, happy, and successful.
Quality paperback.
Written by by Jose Silva and Robert B. Stone, Ph.D.
Silva Mind Mastery for the '90s
Written by Tag Powell, the winner of the 1986 Silva Method Presidents Cup as most outstanding instructor in the U.S., and Judith Powell. Already translated into 17 languages, this book has the dynamic mind techniques you will need to thrive in the 21st Century. Includes the breakthrough Holographic Visualization, a Solution Solver section, and the Silva Alpha Mental Training Exercise script.
Written by Tag Powell and Judith Powell.
Getting Well Again
This bestselling classic by cancer specialist O. Carl Simonton, M.D., profiles the typical "cancer personality," and gives step-by-step guidance to help you speed your recovery by using visualization andimagination at the alpha level. Dr. Simonton studied with Jose Silva in 1971. In his keynote address at the 1975 Silva Method International Convention he said, "I would say that (the Silva Method) is the most powerful single tool that I have to offer the patient."
Written by O. Carl Simonton, M.D.
Everyday Miracles and the Silva Method
Read exciting and inspiring success stories of ordinary people who have transformed their everyday lives with the world's Number One mind development program. The first part of the book is a bird's eye view of what the Silva Method is all about. The second part contains approximately 150 stories in the areas of health, business, career, sports, education, relationships, faith, and more.
Quality Paperback.
Written and compiled by Judy Qua.
Questions and Answers About The Silva Method
This book answers questions most frequently asked by Silva Method graduates about how to get more benefit from the Silva Method. Included are: "How can I improve my visualization?" "Why doesn’t my programming work?" "How can I find the ideal mate?"
These and other questions are answered by Jose and Juan Silva, Ed Bernd Jr., and Harry McKnight.
Relax: It's Good For You
This brief book by Ed Bernd Jr. has been popular since first published in 1977. It deals with the art and science of relaxation, and includes a unique look at our biological programming, as well as how you can learn to make better use of the right brain hemisphere and the alpha brain wave level.
Quality Paperback.
Written by Ed Bernd Jr.

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