Silva Method Graduates:

Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and Speaker in The Secret endorses the Silva Method.

More personal success stories below the video clip.


Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer on Jose Silva:

"Anything with the name of Jose Silva as the author has my vote before I open to page one. I’ve used the Silva Method for many years. It has helped me overcome my own illnesses. I urge you to attend Mr. Silva’s training sessions that are presented around the world."

Dr. Wayne Dyer, motivational speaker, author of Your Erroneous Zones, Manifest Your Destiny, and popular self-improvement guru from best-selling book Real Magic and the current best-seller, The Power of Intention


"Silva Method is the real thing..."

  Working in a bar is very stressful -lots of guests/ customers some very very cool - some bug you and can spoil your day even you do your best to give fast service and we listen to their challenges and stuff. You need energy, speed, pr, etc. to work in a bar. Rope jumping helps give energy, enthusiasm but Silva Method is the real thing --swiss knife- NLP makes a lot of claims --but it is all internal.
Silva is internal and external like a submarine can work above and underwater.
Starting car engines/ motorcycles engine to help out stranded people whose car giving trouble on the road.
Stopping people fighting before it really gets out of hand
Making the demanding customer reasonable
Making my PC quiet --the dog next door quiet also
Making my visiting Aunt go home -she loves to drag on and on
Making the satellite TV transmission work
Cd tray on PC jammed but responds to Silva Method commands
When software on PC don't respond: 3 fingers technique is a real help putting it together
Googling for stuff on the internet
Just to many to recall
Finding this official board is a real blessing
Having the power to tell her she is amazing
Writing a letter in a moment
Getting the best words when I write in guest books
Reconciling Father and Son and he gets to go to college
Getting the bus on time daily...

Better and Better


  I had my GCSE Accounting exam yesterday... The day before my exam, I did the Silva GOW technique so that I can prepare myself best for my exam.

  During the day, I learnt certain conceptions and did some sums my friend asked me to do..then I was browsing the net to download some specimen exam paper..and suddenly my computer froze on a particular I thought it is important and I learnt to solve the maths well..

  When I opened the paper..I realized I need all those conceptions I learnt the day b4, and a sum similar to the the that froze on mu screen was a question!!
and I took my exam so relaxed...


"I sailed through the Orals..."

  I finished my Master's Degree I felt the same way, I used every skill I ever learned and sailed through the Orals.


"Success with MOM and construction..."

  I am a Silva graduate (March) and I would like to share with you a recent success story.
I am an architect and 2 years ago I was mandated by a client to design a shopping center.

  When I presented my design documents to the municipal authorities, the project was refused because there was a problem within the lot requirements.

  For the past 1 1/2 year we had several meetings with the municipal authorities to find a solution, until last December the project was rejected and the lot is non-buildable for the purpose of a shopping center.

  Last June, after my Silva BSL, I did MOMind technique for several days with the conviction that there will a solution to the problem.

  So I called back my client and I arranged for a meeting with the municipal authorities. The authorities were reluctant to meet us, but finally agreed.

  During the meeting I asked a few questions regarding the lots surrounding the project, and suddenly we found out that an alley next to the lot (which was overlooked by everyone), which we thought was part of the lot, was for sale for the amount of $5000.

  By acquiring this alley the project was acceptable and more we could build a 2 stories building instead of one.

  The building is under construction, right now.

Better, better and better,

OCD: "Positive results started coming right from the beginning..."

  I was having OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) from many years. Because of this I used to check a lock number of times to make sure it is locked or wash my hands more thoroughly than necessary. It was irritating to do so.
  Since I was practicing Silva method for about 3 years, last year I decided to apply it to cure myself from OCD. I started every day morning in level to visualize myself on mental screen behaving without OCD behaviour. I used to see myself locking and just check it once before moving on and see myself washing hands swiftly and moving on etc. Process took just few minutes.
  Positive results started coming right from the beginning. Within months my OCD behaviour has considerably reduced. Still I am doing visualizations of desired behaviour on mental screen daily in level. Improvement has been very impressive.
  What I observed regarding the OCD I had was I was able to get free from it by 90-95%. With few minutes of visualizing on mental screen in Silva meditation I am able to achieve this with ease.
  However i still need to do programming for this every day which i do in the morning.
The quality of life has increased considerably because of this OCD control. I anticipate getting cured from this completly in maybe a year's time.
I dont take any medically prescribed drugs to control my OCD. With Silva method application I didnt need any.


GOLF: "Not only did my game improve..."

  Since it is so difficult here in NYC to get Tee time at golf courses, it is therefore difficult to play enough rounds, in order to improve one's game. And going to a driving range is fine, yet do not gain the same things to work on. So, my total score is well over 100.
  Part of this is from mental mistakes, such as taking my practice swings too close the ball, therefore hitting the ball, adding to my strokes.
  Most of this is because of anger, frustration and impatience. I would toss clubs, yell, curse, and be a very unpleasant person to be with.
  I started going to Alpha level days before each time I would play a round. I would use both the Silva MOMind and MS.
  Not only did my game improve, but I would have patience and be calm, no more tossing clubs, no more yelling and cursing.
Of course I would become somewhat angry and/or show some disappointment. But that would be rare, and last maybe 15 seconds, then I would be a pleasant golfer again.
  My friends are amazed and asked me what is going on.

  I would simply tell them I am playing "Zen golf".



    I just wanted to tell a success story I had over the past couple of months.
   I posted a message about programming 70,000 bucks and really believed I had it, I had the desire belief and expectation.
  Before I was in finance trouble, didn’t have much money and finally after some time the programming worked, my family received 44,000 from a reverse mortgage and my grandmother doesn’t have to pay rent anymore .
Thanks A lot

CHEMISTRY: "I can finally get on with my college career..."

   I can finally get on with my college career.
   It's put a 2 year hold on my courses because my school has all these prerequisites for Bio Majors. But I did it, *phew*, about time.
  I used the Mirror of the Mind and went pretty deep into Alpha level for about two weeks before my Final, to reinforce what I wanted to achieve. I just kept telling myself, "I know all the answers and if i don't, I will find the answer. Math problems are like the puzzles I enjoy and it's just another thing for me to solve with my creativity."
  When it comes to school I totally feel back on track. Granted, it wasn't an A, that's my own fault, I feel that I short changed myself.
I saw an A as my grade and said 'nah that's pushing it, B is good, I'll take a B." That's what i kept in my head and that's what i got.
The Silva Method is Awesome stuff I tell ya.
Better and better Baby!

True Love

  I have certainly found a wonderful job through programming for it, and a beautiful place to live that fills me with happiness, and I even share closeness with my family that I have never had before all thanks to the SilvaMethod. However, I have yet to try programming for love... something about the choice issue gets to me.

~Dancing Barefoot~

Programmed my ideal job - and got a my ideal company

  Sometime in early August, I realized that my current job and co-workers were having a negative effect on my health and energy.
I decided I needed to leave and that I wanted to work for myself from now on.

My programming requirements:
- To work near my home or in it.
- Flexible work hours and a short work week (<30 hours)
- The same or bigger salary
- To be paid based on my results, not just for showing up
- To work with people I admire for their work ethics and morals
- To enjoy my work. I thought possible areas would be nature, hiking, educating people, writing, photography, technology and computers.

  Once I figured out what it was that I wanted, I started seeing little things like an interesting website for entrepreneurs and a link in one of the forums about websites. Within a few weeks, I had a full blown business idea that passed my husband's reality check test !

  I'm now an infopreneur starting my own company writing good websites about my interests.
Work at home - Check
Flexible hours - As flexible as you can get
Short work week - Full time I probably will be spending 20-25 hours a week on it.
Results based - Check. If it's not cool, no one will come !
Salary - I expect to be making my current 9-5 salary by January, so Check
Cool co-workers - Definitely check. The website hosting company is awesome and super, incredibly helpful!
Enjoy my work? - Yep. I get to WRITE about things I enjoy, like NATURE and HIKING. I get to EDUCATE people about one of my favourite places, take PICTURES for the website and... well... technology and computers ? Yeah, I get to work with those too !

  I am still amazed at how perfect this match is. I got exactly what I asked for, even though I didn't know this kind of business existed ! I'm so glad my boss annoyed me enough to look for something else !

Better and better,


  One of the many things I learned from doing Silva was that "now" is the only time that exists. So there is always plenty of time !

  Next. I learned that: if I believed that I had a belief about the past (or a memory) that is not serving me well, I can go the Silva mental laboratory and do a repaint and voice over and create a "new" more supportive or whatever past I think that would help me now past.

  I will share, the theme that always runs through my mind management, and in any of my replies is to make it fun and colourful. The very best thing that I learned from taking the Siva Method was that I can live my life (think) using fun. Scientifically it is shown that humour or well-being produces chemicals in our body that promote healing and pain relief (rapidly), so there is the by-product. And there is always more to share, so others see your smiles and they too begging to feel better and healthier.

  Anyway, have a few thoughts as to what you would be saying about yourself if you knew that you have great patience. So what is this thing called patience? Remember we are all very patient until we are not!! So maybe there is a time factor. Is patience a virtue? etc.

  Then listen to yourself talk to others about your patience, or in your imagination. You know when you coach yourself to perform better, as we all do (or do we?). Dare to change what you say right then and there. A real point of power.

  In other words catch yourself being patient, or what you would call patience. What are the benefits? What are the underlying beliefs? We will have patience when we really expect to get whatever we have imagined. So it is tied to belief and expectancy, savour the journey.
This or something better, feeeel patient


Silva Mind Programs for Self Healing successes

   “I took this class specifically for the pain removal part. I’ve had six arm surgeries including a peripheral nerve implant with no success. I was diagnosed with nerve damage in both arms and reflex sympathetic dystrophy in my right arm. Procedures and medications didn’t help the pain.   After two years of intense suffering and loss of use of most of my right arm and hand, I was desperate.
  After the first day of the course my pain disappeared completely. I feel so deeply blessed I can write with my right hand, which was impossible before Silva (Mind Programs for Self Healing).”

Lynette Cordell – Dallas, Texas

"The method I successfully have been using for last 3 years to control essential tremors (ET)..."

   Hi everyone,
  I would like to share the method I successfully have been using for last 3 years to control essential tremors (ET).
  I have learnt Silva method of meditation from book "Silva Mind Control Method" by Jose Silva.
  After going to meditative level as explained in the book, I visualize, imagine myself on a mental Screen behaving normally without essential tremors in daily situations like talking to a group, holding cup etc.
  This I do everyday for about 15 minutes during Silva meditation. I also do take a beta blocker prescribed by doctor. I am glad to say that now nobody knows I have essential tremors.
  The control of tremors achieved is so good because of applying Silva method in the way I described.
It is fantastic.




" Bonsoir Pascale,

Je tenais à te dire que j'ai réussi à mon brevet avec mention très bien. J'ai passé mes épreuves sans être stressée. J'ai utilisé la méthode..(...).. quand j'avais un trou. Je suis fière de moi et depuis j'ai une autre assurance. "


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